Schnellere Erfolge erzielen durch Einzeltraining


An individual, target-driven training plan drawn up by a competent and permanent point of contact is effective and quickly leads to sporting successes. So not only celebrities but politicians and business leaders choose personal trainers.


One-to-one training offers you a flexible training program that is suited to you and that is really only meant for you. You have my undivided attention, you decide the goal for training. You don’t have to fit in your time or training plan with anyone else or wait for other people. One-to-one training takes place by yourself with no interruptions.


My consultation is holistic, the drafting of a training plan for your health and energy levels is geared fully and completely to your needs. The first non-binding meeting with me is used to get to know you and to gain information so as to find out your wishes and aims. Of course we take your normal daily routine into account when drawing up your training plan or fitness program.

The training units take place with you in the office, at home, in the gym or in the park, wherever you prefer. Whether it is weight reduction, muscle building, body toning, functional training, stamina training,fitness boxing or nutritional advice – let us be successful together.

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